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Treasure Island Water Resource Recovery Facility

The Treasure Island Water Resource Recovery Facility is a critical part of the island infrastructure and sustainability framework. The approximately 9-acre facility is located within the fourth and final phase of island redevelopment where a large approximately 100-acre regional shoreline park will be built in the area surrounding the facility. As defined in the project Open Space Plan, the park is envisioned as an ‘urban wild’ with a diversity of habitat zones based on ecotypes endemic to the San Francisco Bay edge. 

The core building concept of “a machine in the park” that guides the building massing, structural expression, and materials reflect the minimalist and industrial character of the facility and are defined as bold, simple, and beautiful. 

 The facility will be grounded in the landscape through the use of landforms and tree groves that will provide scale and screening. Plant selection has been carefully curated to be native or adapted to the region and low water use and to thrive in shade and sun based on exposure. Custom created seed blends will be employed throughout the site via hydroseeding process with drifts of native accents establishing “the wilds” concept. 

A 2-acre freshwater wetland area that provides storage capacity for storm events, will be integrated into the park landscape on the northeast edge of the facility.  Flows from the facility to the wetland will be treated to Title 22 levels, safe for human contact and irrigation use. The ecological character and layout of the wetland will allow for seamless integration with the future park and promenade.