Open Space Projects

Treasure Island Redevelopment

San Francisco, California 


The redevelopment of Treasure Island has been an on-going project since 2002, transitioning from a former military base into a new neighborhood and publicly accessible land. This planned urban village is located about two miles from downtown San Francisco, and five miles from downtown Oakland, connected via the ‘Bay Bridge’. The project has been a catalyst for developing innovative sustainable infrastructure, stewardship, and socially oriented landscapes. Promenades and bike paths provide circulation throughout and promote a pedestrian-friendly environment, enhance the urban fabric, and capitalize on the site’s spectacular setting.


Merrill Morris Partners was invited to provide landscape architectural support for the planting design along the waterfront and streetscape system of the island, through Clipper Cove Promenade, the Causeway, and the Waterfront Plaza. The landscaping provides a connection to the plazas, nodes, and open spaces on the island. MMP has developed planting typologies for the streetscape, biofiltration areas, and pedestrian pathways. Special emphasis was paid to selecting plant material, which was drought tolerant, salt tolerant, native, and could perform biofiltration engineering requirements. Biofiltration swales lead to wetlands, filtering stormwater while providing settings for recreation and education while achieving a cohesive sense of hierarchy with the project amenities. MMP adroitly created view corridors by locating plant material to focus and enhance the natural views of the island and by creating outdoor classrooms for all to understand the innovative landscape systems.


Owner/Client: Treasure Island Community Development (TICD); Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA)

Team Lead: AECOM