Transportation Projects

Sunnydale Master Streetscape Plan

San Francisco, California


Sunnydale HOPE SF is a 50-acre master-planned neighborhood of 1,770 new housing units, with 3.6 acres of new open spaces, and neighborhood-serving and mixed-use amenities. Existing streets are being realigned to meet neighboring roads and additional infill streets added to create a neighborhood that conforms to the San Francisco street grid. The project is being developed in complete, self-sustaining phases to accommodate the relocation of the existing residents into the new replacement housing. The new development prioritizes walking, bicycling and pedestrian comfort and safety as the primary goals of the street network.


The Master Streetscape Plan (MSP) defines specific design & material standards for furnishings, planting and streetlighting. The MSP develops a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented streetscape providing improved connections to neighborhood facilities, that will support a safe and comfortable community. New drought tolerant landscaping integrates with green stormwater infiltration solutions in the right of way.


MMP is designing the streetscape and future parks for the Sunnydale HOPE SF development. MMP created the Schematic Master Plan as well as contributed to the Master Infrastructure Plan (MIP) and Master Utility Plans (MUP). Expanding on guidelines established in the MIP, MUP and the Sunnydale HOPE SF Design Standards and Guidelines, MMP authored the Master Streetscape Plan, defining specific design standards for all streetscape elements, including curb lines, landscaping, street trees, sidewalk bulb-outs, street lighting, street furniture and paving. MMP added value to the project by introducing a multiuse path connecting McLaren Park, a large city park, to Herz Playground and beyond, completing a pedestrian oriented circuit. The multiuse path connects straight to the heart of the Sunnydale community where a mixed-use senior center, community center, neighborhood park, and mixed-use retail are located. MMP is now implementing the design standards in the construction design phase. The MSP follows the SF Better Streets Plan and incorporates Green Streets Standards.


Owner/Client: Sunnydale Development Company LLC