Open Space Projects

Presidio Parkway

San Francisco, California


The Presidio Parkway development is the P-3 design/build highway replacement project for the Doyle Drive approach to the Golden Gate Bridge and HWY 101 north bound. A major portion of the landscape design is devoted to integrating the roadway into the Presidio Park by using planting for screening and framing the view. The parkway landscape transitions from natural plantings and open space restoration aimed to mitigate impacts to biological, cultural, and natural resources to recreational open space, trails and outlook areas which respect the project setting within a national park and surrounding neighborhoods. The introduction of vehicular tunnels and park connection above allows separation for motorists and affords cyclists and pedestrians a fully landscaped expansive plateau and recreated bluff overlooking Crissy Field


MMP worked with Caltrans and the Presidio Trust to maintain a contextual landscape sensitive to the historic site and National Park Service. A substantial portion of the parkway open space is designed as a naturalized landscape of native plant communities endemic to the Presidio, including the Bluff Scrub, Coastal Scrub, Freshwater Seep and Arroyo Willow Riparian Forest. MMP’s responsibilities include developing the plan for the many program elements such as: pedestrian walkways and trails, benches and view seating, refined grading including retaining walls and steps and the grand bluff overlooking Crissy Field and the bay.


Presidio Parkway is the first certified sustainable highway project in the U.S., earning a Bronze rating from the Greenroads Foundation. Key elements recognized by Greenroads in the project’s Bronze rating include an extensive public involvement process with special attention paid to biological, cultural and natural resources.


Owner/Client: Caltrans/National Park Service/Presidio Trust/City of San Francisco