Education Projects

Mission College Interdisciplinary Plaza

Santa Clara, California


Located at the heart of the Mission College campus, the new Interdisciplinary Plaza replaced the original Main Building built in 1976. The new plaza is ringed by recently constructed buildings to form a coherent edge to the open space. The outdoor spaces are arranged around a large multi-use green. The new spaces include:

  • Arrival nodes connecting to primary destinations and parking
  • Promenade circling the quad and connecting the outdoor use zones
  • Outdoor study area adjacent to the library with overhead shade and water feature
  • Student Engagement Center Outdoor Cafe
  • Various performance spaces with stepped seating and overhead shade structures
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Intimate spaces for reading and resting
  • Oak woodland, native plant garden
  • Rose garden sanctuary to feature historic roses original to the site

The landscape architects designed all paving, steps, walls, ramps, stormwater treatment areas, planting, water features, and they selected site furnishings. The architect designed a support building and overhead structures. They lead extensive outreach with students and staff to identify needs and visual preferences. These discussions revealed several stories valuable to the College community, which we told using embeds, totems, and interpretive signs. Various forms of sustainable design and inclusivity were stories repeated throughout the Interdisciplinary Plaza.*


* Experience of Valerie Conant, MMP Senior Landscape Architect, under previous employment


Owner/Client: West Valley-Mission Community College District

Team Lead: WRNS