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Lincoln Recreation Center Renovation

Oakland, California


Lincoln Recreation Center is located within Lincoln Square Park, one of the City’s seven original public squares designated in the 1860s. Located in Oakland Chinatown, it serves a community of residents of all ages, income levels, and races. As such, the project is being planned and developed through an inclusive community engagement process.


The vision for the Lincoln Recreation Center Renovation/Expansion is to create a vibrant destination for civic, cultural, social, educational, and recreational activities serving the Chinatown community and citywide users.  The project incorporates sustainable design principles and plans to achieve a LEED Gold rating. Various methods of stormwater treatment will be distributed throughout the site, making water quality a visible feature to educate and inspire users of the outdoor spaces.


The project expands the Recreation Center from 7,500 to about 25,000 square feet and improves access between the Center and the existing park. Some of the landscape amenities include an indoor/outdoor stage, roof garden patio, new multi-use game area, and outdoor spaces for events and youth programs. To better integrate multiple generations and communities, MMP designed an area for more passive use with a bosk of trees for shade, seating areas, game tables, and room for exercise and dance. Indoors and out, Lincoln Recreation Center will create a vibrant, safe, and inclusive haven for an increasingly diverse community of users. 


Owner/Client: City of Oakland

Team Lead: Shah Kawasaki Architects