Open Space Projects

Grove Park

Clayton, California


The City of Clayton secured a little over one acre of land located downtown for a central park. The downtown is noted for its historic character as an early ranch/mining town which the community wished the new park to reflect. A park advisory committee was established to work with MMP to facilitate a community design process. After several workshops, a preferred plan was selected, and construction documents developed. The selected plan focused attention on an outdoor entertainment and gathering area, and family and children’s play area. The nature of the park and furnishings is high quality with a western character reflecting the stone and wood used throughout the redevelopment area.


The design addressed entertainment and gathering in several ways. A natural wood rail gazebo is prominently located, acting as an icon for the park. Also, an open grassy area offers a variety of uses such as fairs, free play, and informal seating for entertainment and picnicking. The park also provides ample seating, tables, and a public restroom, all in keeping with the overarching theme as well as emphasizing family and children’s play. A simple yet unique “Clayton Western Style” character was worked into a high-quality component play structure with wood featured where appropriate and practical.


Owner/Client: City of Clayton