Housing Projects

City Center Apartments

Fremont, California


Located in the San Francisco Bay Area community of Fremont, City Center Apartments is an infill 4 story, 60-unit building providing much needed affordable, supportive housing for single individuals with children or without. In addition to the many building amenities and service spaces, various outdoor amenity spaces provide residents a variety of activities, including a small children’s play area, a sport court with a basketball goal, an animal exercise area, and small restorative meditation garden space. 


Courtyards throughout the project are designed to support different groups of residents to gather, socialize and play. Extensive plantings create a pleasant garden-like environment, with shade trees, colorful ornamental shrubs and groundcover, and hardy perennial plants with dramatic foliage.  Utilizing flowering vines to grow on vertical screens around mechanical units further enhances the environment. MMP supported the Owner and Architectural team with city agency approvals, ensured the project’s compliance with local MWELO and ReScape guidelines, and lead the design effort for a California native planting concept and low water consumption irrigation design, pedestrian paving design, and children’s play area design.


Owner/Client: Allied Housing, Inc.

Team Lead: Mayers Architecture