Housing Projects

Arroyo Point Apartments

Santa Rosa, California


Arroyo Point is 70 affordable family housing units on a 2.8-acre site developed for Bridge Housing Corporation. Large existing oak, willow and hickory trees have been incorporated into the site design as an amenity for the residents. Two- and three-story residential buildings create a central public commons, which includes a children’s play structure. The project also features a community center with exterior terrace. A vegetative swale has been created along the northern property line to retain as much runoff on site as possible. The western edge of the project is bordered by the historic Northwestern Pacific Railroad that is planned for future transit development.


This development takes advantage of the natural features of the site, boasts many sustainable landscape elements, provides important connections to its surroundings, and includes large new usable landscape areas for residents. Most of the units have ground level front doors, making the outdoor spaces and surrounding amenities easily accessible and providing opportunities for socializing and community building. The site planning and architecture complement each other to establish an attractive housing development that is an asset to the community, the neighborhood, and the city.


Owner/Client: BRIDGE Housing Corporation

Team Lead: Van Meter Williams Pollack